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Development of self-assessments for intake of fat and other nutrient - AN0921

1.To seek to identify one or more sets of moderate numbers of questions about food choices, the scores for whose answers predict as accurately as practicable an individual UK consumer's average intake of total fats as a % of energy. Sub-objectives: (a.)To explore predictability of the individual's average fat intake from food amounts at different meals in 10-12 day Diet Diaries and 16-day Weighed Food Records obtained from 2 other projects being carried out by the project leader and construct one or more pilot long-form Inventories and scoring schemes. (b.)To test predictions of fat intake from individuals' scores on a pilot self-assessment Inventory against intakes calculated from WFRs. (c.)To test one or more short-form self-assessments based on results from (b) on all accessible individuals having a WFR or DD. 2.With MAFF agreement, seek to develop a self-assessment quiz that reliably discriminates between individual' sodium intakes at the current national average and at the recommended average (or more finely, if feasible). Developing the "Salt Quiz" involves the same principles as development of the "Fat Quiz" (sub-objectives a-c). 3,If objective 2 proves feasible, discuss with MAFF the possibility of carrying out at least objective 1(a) for one or more other constituents for which adequate data are available.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1996

To: 1999

Cost: £65,548
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Birmingham