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Wetland restoration: techniques for an integrated approach. Phase 4. Survey and experimentation - BD0213

Widespread degradation of wetlands due to agricultural intensification has resulted in a need to conserve and enhance their wildlife value. This project, which forms part of a 3-phase study on wetland restoration, will add to phase III of the existing project, which investigated wetland restoration techniques in experimental situations and focused on the upper River Ray catchment, and Tadham Moor within the Somerset Levels and Moors ESA. Operational difficulties at the Tadham Moor site meant that data acquired during phase III covered only one season of raised water levels and not the 3 as originally intended. This study, therefore, will address the need for longer term investigations of the effect of raised water levels in controlled experiments and develop the Tadham Moor element of phase III of the project. Scope for manipulation of water levels at the field scale will be evaluated and ecological implications of changes in site wetness will be tested with regard to plant and bird communities. Agronomic and economic consequences of wetland restoration management will also be assessed, providing options costed in relative terms. Furthermore, effects of water table manipulation on selected wetland species, both individually and in the context of the plant community, will be monitored. Criteria for identification of appropriate sites for wetland conservation, rehabilitation or creation, based on physical site factors, distribution of target species (e.g. plants, birds) and prevailing socio-economic factors, will then be defined.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1996

To: 1998

Cost: £55,952
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Institute of Grassland and Environment Research (IGER), Natural Environment Research Council
Fields of Study
Environmental Stewardship