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Storage of organically produced crops. - OF0127T

This study will aim to maintain the quality of organically grown crops by identifying cost effective ways of improving storage. A literature review will be conducted in order to identify potential problems that can occur in storage, including physiological problems, vermin, pests and crop diseases; this review will also draw together current opinions regarding ideal storage conditions for a wide range of crops, together with low and intermediate technology solutions available or currently under research and development. A data base holding information on methods which comply with organic standards will be established. Around 20 site visits will be made to various representatives of the organic food production/retail industries (including growers/farmers, transportation companies, packers, warehouses and retail outlets); information will be gathered on various problems associated with storage and handling of organic produce. Current practices will be examined and their effectiveness under particular circumstances assessed; envisaged problems with planned future storage and handling practices will be examined. An economic study will also be conducted to assess potential low technology solutions which comply with organic standards. Specific topics of further research or development will be identified and cases will be pinpointed where a problem appears to be the only limiting factor preventing the successful storage of a crop or where a low technology solution needs further development. Recommendations for uptake of available solutions not currently adopted by the organic industry will be made available through the organic advisory service, ADAS, organic inspection bodies and in the form of articles. Findings will also be distributed at HDRA open days and will be presented in a report to MAFF.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Storage of organically produced crops.   (53k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1996

To: 1997

Cost: £19,977
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Elm Farm Research Centre, Henry Doubleday Research Association, University Wales, Aberystwyth
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