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Manipulation of lipid metabolism for production of fattyacids and polyketides for Industrial use and functional food. - AN0231

This project will be undertaken with 4 other European Laboratories. In eukaryotic micro-organisms and plants, acetyl-CoA ia a precursor for the synthesis of many compounds including fatty acids and polyketides. The fatty acids find increasing application in the food and chemical industries. Some polyketides on the other hand are food associated toxins, whereas others are widely usedas antibiotics and pharmaceuticals. The fatty acid synthase (F AS) and polyketide synthase (PKS) enzymes are remarkedly similar in their function with with differences apparent primarily in the detailed programming. Thees two enzymes constitute a metabolic branch point between primary and sec ondary metabolism. Fatty acids enter a second branch point between membrane lipid biosynthesis (functional fats) and fat accumulation 9storage fats) and this switch is controlled by the acyl-CoA; diacylglycerol transferase (DAGAT) enzyme. This proposal describes a research programm e to investigate lipid and polyketide metabolism in yeasts, filamentous fungi and oil-seed crop plants.
The project contains 6 main tasks. Each task includes a number of specific scientific objectives which will take fo ur years to complete. 1) To clone fatty acid synthase (FAS) and polyketide synthase genes and study their relative activities. 2) To clone and study ATP: Citrate lyase and carnitive acetyl transferase genes. 3) To study the production of short chain fatty acids using heterologous FAS and thioesterase genes. 4) Study fatty acid desaturation using heterologous FAS and desaturase genes. 5) Clone and regulate expression of gene encoding DAGAT. 6) Transfer lipid biosynthesis genes (T1-T5) to oil seed cr op plants
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1995

Cost: £108,797
Contractor / Funded Organisations
IFR - Institute of Food Research (BBSRC)