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Advice on freshwater culture - FC0802

Non R&D Summary objective:- Provide scientific and technical support and advice to MAFF, Industry, other national groups and the European Union on a wide range of matters relating to freshwater aquaculture. Key customer purpose:- Enable MAFF to develop and implement its freshwater aquaculture policy in England and Wales including fulfiling responsibilities arising from the EU, and maintain an awareness of international aquaculture developments.
To keep abreast of worldwide trends in aquaculture through scientific and trade journals, personal contacts and attendance at aquaculture conferences. Advise policy customers of the current status and potential for aquaculture in the UK and on the development of a scientifically based framework within which aquacultuure can develop. Advise on development and performance of National Aquaculture policy worldwide To prvide scientific and technical advice on a variety of aquaculture issues in support of policy and involving a wide range of organisations. To help monitor industry compliance with regulations. Examples of specific objectives include: a) To assess EU aquaculture grant applications under FIFG and other regulations, for financial viability and technical feasibility involving initial site visits, further visits on completion of grant related work and subsequent monitoring. b) To provide advice to customer/CSG on R&D projects and identification of priorities. Co-Project Officer duties for extra-mural projects. c) To provide advice to the public and industry on aquaculture matters including the biannual publication of the Industry Newsletter "Trout News". d) To provide expert technical representation on CFRD, CARD, FAWC and other relevant national and international committees. e) Provision of advice to Animal Welfare Division and local authorities on welfare matters relating to transportation and farming of fish and shellfish. f) Provision of advice to local government planning authorities on technical and financial viability of proposed aquaculture installations.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1997

Cost: £110,942
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Fish Farming              
Freshwater Fish Stocks              
Fields of Study
Fish Health and Aquaculture