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Effects of specific dietary fatty acids on haemostatic factors in man. - AN0226

A human study is planned with the use of specifically bioenginerred triglycerides to assess the effects of stearic acids, oleic acid and linoleic acid on the haemostatic system, including platelet function, the fibrinolytic system, and the contact and extrinsic system for clotting factor activation. This would bring together two teams employing novel techniques to look under highly controlled metabolic conditions at the putative roles of hte htree fatty acids in modifying membrane composition and platelet receptor responsiveness or its effect on the procoagulant, anti coagualnt and fibrinolytic systems.
To complete two feeding schemes, one at 25% fat and the other at 40% fat using the same volunteers fed for two weeks each on the three triglyceride preparations. If this can be achieved, it is expected that it will then be possible to identify which components of the haemostatic system are sel ectively responsive to the individual fatty acids.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1997

Cost: £343,284
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Rowett Research Institute