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Effect of different dietary carbohydrates on colon function: Design of healthier foods. - AN0310

The proposal represents part of a multidisciplinary collaboration, part funded by EC, to identify complex carbohydrates (CHO) with potential beneficial effects on colon cancer. As in vitro continuous culture model of the human colonic flora will be used to study the profile of short chain fatty acid (SCFA) producton from a wide variety of CHO. The results, in combination with information from collaborating laboratories on the SCFA profiles likely to confer greatest benefical effects on the colon, will be used to design studies in germ free rats associated with complete human gut microfloras. Novel assays for DNA damage and preneoplastic lesions in the colon will be used to assess protective effects of CHO in vivo. Intervention trials with CHO, identified by the above studies, will be conducted in familial polyposis and colon cancer patients, by our collaborating laboratories.
The overall objectives of the collaborative research programme are:- 1) To develop a scientific basis for the identification of those complex carbohydrates having a protective or ameliora ting effect on chronic colonic disease, particularly colon cancer. 2) to aid the prediction of health benefits from novel carbohydrates by simple in vitro fermentation data. 3) To provide data for use in dietary recommendations relat ing to carbohydrates with specific health promoting effects 4) To provide information to enable food manufacturers to develop complex carbohydrates-containing foods with health promoting properties.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1997

Cost: £468,293
Contractor / Funded Organisations
BIBRA Toxicology International