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Trials to evaluate the effectiveness of subsoiling treatments on soil structure during the 5 year aftercare - LE0208

The main aim of this study will be to evaluate the effectiveness of subsoiling treatments on maintaining and improving soil structure on restored mineral sites during the 5 year after care period. The performance of subsoilers will be compared in terms of soil shattering, effective depth of operation, compatibility with after care objectives, longevity of benefit and effectiveness during aftercare in rehabilitating soil structure. A field procedure will also be developed to enable subsoiler operators to quickly check the degree and depth of soil disturbance being achieved at the time of the operation. Five subsoiling treatments will be installed together with a non-subsoiled control on 2 contrasting soil types. Treatments will be selected in order to: allow performance comparisons to be made of existing designs of agricultural subsoiler; examine potential benefits from deeper working prototypes; and assess the long term benefits of thorough disturbance, with significant soil density reduction, as compared with significant fissuring with less density reduction. Treatments will be installed using a randomised complete block design with 3 blocks. Physical conditions will be recorded for each of these treatments, together with the subsoil disturbance profile of each of the machines and the changes in surface elevation at the time of the operation. Supplementary studies will be undertaken to identify the maximum effective working depth of each subsoiler. Five other aftercase sites will be chosen with compacted layers within 450 mm of the surface, to evaluate the depth of the magnitude of subsoiling benefits. Land following subsoiling will be managed using standard agricultural practice (including re-subsoiling when necessary) and premium aftercare management. Results of the study will provide technical guidance on subsoiler selection and practice, and will highlight the potential pitfalls of the techniques investigated.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Trials to evaluate the effectiveness of subsoiling treatments on soil structure during the 5 year aftercare   (82k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1999

Cost: £61,614
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Silsoe College
Fields of Study
Soil Protection