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Fat and other food components in physiological and sensory satiety. - AN0914

Satiety research relevant to weight control and lowering of fat in the context of other components of common foods within usual eating patterns. We would measure the differences between expected and actual satiety effects of disguised deviations from usual in familiar menus' contents of emulsified fats and check by infusion the physiological mediation shown by earlier research.We would also ascertain if emulsified fat contriutes by a process of learning to the satisfaction of hunger expected from a menu, as carbohydrate can. In the main field studies, this and other forms of fat and other satiating constituents would be assessed in menus that sufficiently dissociated physiological from sensory effects in satiety.
1. To examine records of spontaneous meal patterns and temporal profiles of anticipated satiety for occasional dispariities between expectation and reality, and for menus and eating times susceptible to experimental analysis. 2. To measure the strength and timing of satiety induced by intestional action of common variation in the emulsified fat content of familiar menus. 3. To determine whether the physiological effects of fat can be as effective as those of readily digested carbohydrate at estabilishing learned sensory satiety. 4) To estimate the physiological role in satiety of the different forms of fat, relative to forms of carbohydrate protein and fibre, by separating out the sensorily triggered satiety that consumers have learned to expect from different foods and may contribute to satisfaction with and hence acceptability of fatty foods.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1997

Cost: £101,585
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Birmingham