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`Collection of authentic samples (fruits,leaves & rootstock) from important fruit-producing countries.` - AN0630

To validate DNA fingerprinting techniques it is critical that audited authentic samples are obtained from the major producer countries. Contacts (eg. with national and regional fruit/crop research stations) wil be made to gain access to commercial orange groves within eight countries (Israel, USA- Florida, California, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, Spain , Cyprus and Italy). Apples and pears will be obtained from sites within the UK. A good starting poin is the Outspan organisation with whom we have contacts which provides a cultivar supply service for the whole Southern African citrus industry. Our contacts with hunter Saphir should allow access in Israel and Morocco. A single visit and return to UK will be made by the NRI expert, and an LFRA witness, to establish authentic audit trails for each fruit collection visit.
1. To obtain authentic samples from specified and recorded locations in the identified fruit-producing countries. The criteria to be considered includes the requirement of unchallengeable audit trail, identification of varieties and cultivars by the expert and an independent person to witness events. 2. To store the authentic samples at the database organisation and use these for developing and validating DNA fingerprinting protocols.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1995

Cost: £98,596
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Leatherhead Food International Ltd, Sub Contract from LFRA to NRI