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Effect of triglyceride structure on the gastrointestinal handling and metabolic fate of ingested dietary lipid. - AN0223

To study the influence of the stereospecific structure of dietary triglycerides (TG) on the gastrointestinal handling and subsequent metabolic fate of ingested lipid. Fatty acids , labelled with 13C will be incorporated into TG of the same fatty acid composition but with differing stereospecific distribution. Labelled substrate will be fed with a standard test meal and the excretion of the label within faeces and breath will be measured in order to determine i) the bioavailability of the ingested lipid and ii) the proportion of the ingested lipid that is oxidised in the post-prandial period. These studies will enable us to determine how the position of the fatty acid within the TG determines the way in which the fatty acid is handled within the body.
1. To understand the way in which the type of fatty acid and positional specificity influences the atherogenicity of dietary lipid, 2. To provide a scientific basis on which to establish dietary recommendations relating dietary lipid to CHD, 3. To identify the determinations of optimal digestion of absorption of dietary lipid, 4. To establish a technical resource for further mass balance studies of lipid metabolism.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1995

To: 1997

Cost: £239,095
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Southampton