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Transfer of Radioactivity from Foliage to Edible Parts of Crops - RP0119

To summarise the data available in the literature concerning the transfer of deposited radioactivity from foliage to edible parts of crops and provide MAFF with an evaluation of the most important mechanisms for given radionuclides and crops.
1) To summarise the the data and methods used to model the transfer of radionuclides from the foliage to the edible parts of common crops 2) To provide MAFF with an evaluation of the important mechanisms by which such contamination occurs for given radionuclides and crops. 3) Identifying areas where data is sparse. 4) Ensuring that appropriate parameters and parameter values are used in calculations. 5) Recommending where possible appropraite models for use in calculations.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1995

Cost: £19,950
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Intera Information Technologies Limited