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Evaluation of Sampling Techniques for the Assessment of Baca on Food Contact Surfaces - FS1207

Comparisons will be made of the efficacy of currently used surface sampling methods on various food contact surfaces (stainless steel, wood, laminate and cloth) found in domestic and catering environments. Recovery efficiencies of the sampling methods will be assessed using defined populations of foodborne pathogens applied at different densities to test materials. Percentage recoveries of various pathogens (e.g. Salmonella, Camplobacter, Listeria and Staphlococcus) will be assessed in mono and mixed cultures and in various suspension media. Sampling of bacteria from natural suspensions (e.g. chicken drip, blood and milk) will also be assessed. The efficacy of the swab sampling method will be assessed using the ATP bioluminescence technique.
To provide an accurate comparison of the currently used sampling methods for the recovery and enumeration of total viable bacteria from selected food contact surfaces/materials found in catering and domestic environments using cultural techniques and the ATP bioluminescence technique.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1994

Cost: £25,117
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Strathclyde, Bioscience & Biotechnology