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Environmental auditing in agriculture (New code NT1908) - NT1908

1. To facilitate a technical system for environmental auditing to be applied to agriculture and intensive livestock enterprises (i.e. pigs and poultry);
2. To design and develop a methodology which can be made available to farmers to improve their environmental performance in the above application areas. To examine the potential of an expert system in this context;
3. To pilot, test and evaluate the methodology in terms of, for example, changed attitudes and practices in a variety of farm settings.

Extension work (MAFF funded) 1/2/97
4. To extend the original work area to include highland and lowland sheep and goats;
5. To include within the system a farm emissions inventory.

Extension work (MDC funded) 1/1/97
6. To extend the original and extended work areas to include beef and dairy units.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1997

Cost: £271,036
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Hertfordshire
Fields of Study
Fertilisers and Nitrate Pollution