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Studies on veterinary medicines used in fish farming. - FC0604

R&D Summary Objective: Carry out dose titration studies on the main fish medicines to establish optimal dose/therapeutic regimes. Identify the main ways in which antimicrobial drug resistance can develop in aquatic bacterial populations as a result of fish farm use of such products, and assess whether such use presents risks to the environment or public health threat. Key Customer Purpose: Enable Fisheries to advise the Veterinary Medicines Directorate on withdrawal periods for drug-treated fish, and provide similar advice to Food Safety Division and other bodies. To gain information on potentially serious problems associated with use of medicines in aquaculture and enable correct response.
This is a proposal to renew, amalgamate and change the direction to existing research projects. There are therefore two principal themes to the study. 1. To complete and extend existing studies into the pharmacokinetics of the principal fisheries medicines, concentrating in particular on dose titration and in determining the most effective methods of drug delivery. A subsidiary objective is to continue collaboration with the TRS monitoring study to provide information upon the relative merits of microbiological analytical methods which are rapid and capable of determining the presence of active drug residues and of the slower and more complex chemical methods which are more suitable for monitoring for unknown residues. 2. To continue the present complex study into the development and transfer of drug resistance amongst aquatic bacteria to determine its actual significance particularly in regard to putative public health hazards and to examine ways of minimising the spread and significance of drug resistance in aquaculture and its immediate environment.
Project Documents
• Final Report : FC0604:Final report Studies on veterinary medicines used in fish farming   (59k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1993

To: 1997

Cost: £1,069,581
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Fish Farming              
Fields of Study
Fish Health and Aquaculture