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Approval of marine oil dispersants under FEPA Part II 1985 (Replaced by AE0212,13 & 14). - AE0203

Non R&D Summary Objectives:- Test and advise on the suitability of dispersants used for treating oil spills and provide scientific advice on the emergency treatment of spills. Key customer purpose:- Fulfil duties under the Act relating to oil dispersants. Scientific support in the event of spillages is available to cover fishery and environmental aspects.
1.To advise the MEPD on the potential environmental impact of oil dispersants submitted for approval. 2.To advise on the treatment of oil spills as and when required by the Sea Fisheries Inspectorate or the Marine Pollution Control Unit. 3.To conduct a laboratory programme of testing, and improvement of tests, which is adequate to permit the authoritative execution of objectives 1 and 2.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1990

To: 1993

Cost: £133,798
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Marine