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Physical studies assoc. with the disposal of solid radioact- ive waste to the deep ocean(Deep Ocean circ. Stu. 4/94-3/96 - AE0107

R&D Summary Objectives:- Improve the MAFF/NRPB deep ocean dispersal model for the year Site Suitability Review. Participate in the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) through a study of inflows to the global abyssal circulation system. Key customer purpose:- Comply with international agreements to monitor radioactive wastes in deep ocean and enable future policy on deep water dumping to be soundly based. Participate in WOCE, thereby deriving knowledge on climate in relation to fisheries and waste disposal.
To remedy known shortcomings in the MAFF/NRPB ocean dispersion model using new and up-to-date oceanographic information and thus optimise the information base required to assess the short and long-term dispersal of the radionuclides leaching from solid low level wastes disposed of to the NE Atlantic. 2.To complete MAFF commitments to WOCE and thereby derive the benefits in climatic understanding that will stem from this entire international programme.
Project Documents
• Final Report : AE0107   (8470k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1990

To: 1996

Cost: £1,896,631
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Economic Policy Evaluation              
Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Marine