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Support for Swavesey Fen Drainage Study - BD0201

Studies are in progress to determine the impact of pump drainage (installed at Swavesey in 1985 to convert floodlands to intensive agriculture) and field drainage on the ecology of vulnerable and established floral and faunal communities as well as providing guidance on management of future drainage schemes. This project provides the hydrological and farm management data required to interpret these effects. Hydrological back up data from the Swavesey project will be supplied to ITE, while information on farm management practices at Swavesey, which is dependent upon other separate standalone projects relating to nitrate and pesticide residue leaching (projects ST03012 and SC04007, respectively), will be provided. The project, together with related studies, will advance understanding of the interactions between water levels, farming practices and floral and faunal communities. In addition, the hydrological and farm management database developed in this project will provide key information which will underpin advancing of understanding of nitrate and pesticide leaching studied in other projects.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1991

To: 1993

Cost: £129,000
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