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Insect bioconversion in the UK – opportunities and challenges: a horizon scanning and evidence study - SCF0233

Recent regulatory changes occurred in the EU, permitting the inclusion of insect protein in feed for aquaculture (2017) and for poultry and pigs (2021). Following the withdrawal of the UK from EU membership the 2021 change permitting inclusion of insect protein in poultry and pig diet will not apply to the UK (with an exemption understood for NI under the EU Exit transition arrangements), and separate consideration will be made by UK authorities to determine whether this will be permitted, and the appropriate legislative changes required.

The purpose of the proposed study is to undertake a horizon scanning and evidence study to provide a strategic overview for the short- and longer-term potential for the insect bioconversion industry in the UK. There will be reviews of the regulatory landscape, nutritional value, socio-economic and environmental considerations, opportunities for insect frass and the use of insects to reduce problematic waste streams.
Each Work Package will look to address the following overarching research questions –

• What information is currently available?
• What scenarios have been assessed?
• What is the strength of the published evidence?
• What are the present limitations of the published evidence?
• How should the gaps in the published evidence be most appropriately addressed?

Topics for Work Packages include:

• Regulatory landscape
• Nutritional value
• Socio-economic and environmental considerations
• Use of insect frass
• Use of insects to reduce problematic waste streams

Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2021

To: 2022

Cost: £119,987
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Animal Feed              
Animal Welfare              
Food Safety              
Food Waste              
Horizon Scanning              
Sustainable Farming and Food              
Sustainable Production              
Waste Management