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Increasing children's engagement with designated landscapes - BE0181

This project aims to improve understanding of children’s engagement with designated landscapes, the benefits of this engagement, and the barriers and enablers to increasing engagement in future. The project is intended to inform implementation of the 25 Year Environment Plan and the Landscapes Review.
To undertake a short scoping phase to finalise the priorities and approach.

To review existing evidence about children’s visits to designated landscapes and the benefits, as well as the barriers and enablers for increasing engagement. The evidence review should cover the number of children who do and don’t visit, as well as qualitative and quantitative evidence in relation to these visits, the benefits, and any disbenefits. The evidence review should examine differences by age, gender, socio-economic group and ethnicity, and by landscape type, activities undertaken and other relevant characteristics, to the extent possible

To review interventions and good practice to increase children’s engagement with designated landscapes, both within the UK and internationally

To undertake new qualitative research with key target groups, e.g., children, parents, teachers, voluntary and community sector staff, and representatives from National Parks, AONBs and others based in designated landscapes. This element is intended to improve understanding of the benefits of visits to designated landscapes, as well as barriers and enablers for children who don’t visit. New qualitative research should fill gaps identified through the evidence review and review of interventions and good practice

To improve understanding of institutional and organisational barriers and enablers to increasing children’s engagement with designated landscapes.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2021

To: 2022

Cost: £100,839
Contractor / Funded Organisations
The Office for Public Management Ltd (OPM)
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