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Joint Cetacean Data Programme (JCDP) - ME6031

The overarching aim of the JCDP project is to develop a central database to store and facilitate easy access to cetacean (whales, dolphins and porpoise) survey dataset collected by NGOs, academic/research institutions, industry and surveys funded by governments. Currently large scale expensive surveys such as SCANS, occurring at 10 year intervals, do not allow for the detection of trends in abundance over relatively short time periods and thus cannot measure current indicator targets effectively and meet the often short time frames in which we need to assess, report and potentially implement management measures. The JCDP will enable analyses to be conducted over different temporal and spatial scales and, importantly these analyses can inform trends in abundance of cetaceans in the interim to the SCANS surveys and would ensure the UK fulfils commitments under the UK Marine Strategy.
Phase I of the project delivered:
1) A Data Standard Protocol to standardise data collection;
2) Drafted a Data Policy regarding how data would be submitted, accessed and used within the JCDP and; importantly, scoped the host “platform” (database and web-based portal) that would ensure it is accessible, maintained and secure in the long-term.
3) The outcome of the “scoping” exercise was that stakeholders preferred that the host platform be built and maintained by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES).

Report available on the JNCC hub as Joint Cetacean Data Programme: Phase One – Final Report 2020

This Phase II proposal is for further funding in FYs 20/21 and 21/22 to fully operationalise the JCDP and maximise the potential of existing and future cetacean data. Objectives include:
1) Initiate plans to develop the JCDP with ICES (20/21)
2) Design and plan development of the cetacean database and portal (20/21)
3) Archive and develop a MEDIN-compliant data standard for UK datasets (20/21)
4) Create and implement the cetacean database and portal (21/22)
5)Develop and implement a communications strategy for the JCDP (21/22)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2019

To: 2022

Cost: £209,383
Contractor / Funded Organisations
J N C C (JNCC - Joint Nature Conservation Committee) Support Committee
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