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Developing the Land Sharing & Land Sparing approach: Making links to nature recovery - LM04111

This follows on from previous work on modelling the environmental outcomes from different land sparing and land sharing strategies, and is particularly relevant to evidence around land use change. The previous work looked primarily at land sparing and land sharing in the lowlands. This project would extend the concept to the upland fringe and indicate which strategies might underpin development of a Nature Recovery Network.
Key areas of development for this work highlighted in the previous report were:
• Extending our analyses to new regions (uplands?) and taxa (pollinating insects?).
• Improving our understanding of how much yield growth is possible given sustainability issues (including pesticides, soil, pollinators and natural enemies).
• Producing a national decision-support tool to identify how much of which habitat / low-yield farming systems to promote where, thus supporting landscape-level planning.
• Characterising the barriers / motivations of land owners who are considering or implementing land sparing, either on single large land holdings, or in groups of smaller land holdings, or as part of grower cooperatives / commodity supply chains.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2020

To: 2021

Cost: £50,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
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Farm Management              
Green Spaces              
Landscape Ecology              
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Wildlife Management