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Children and Nature Programme - BE0164

This project will evaluate the Children and Nature Programme, including the Nature Friendly Schools, Growing Care Farming and Community Forest and Woodland Outreach projects.
The objectives of the evaluation are to:

- Undertake evaluations of the Nature Friendly Schools, Growing Care Farming and Community Forest and Woodland Outreach projects
- Conduct a design and feasibility study to inform and refine the evaluation approaches for the three delivery projects and to develop options for conducting robust quantitative impact evaluation for the Nature Friendly Schools project
- Undertake robust quantitative impact evaluation of the Nature Friendly Schools project (the evaluation supplier will be expected to assess feasibility and produce options for this during the design and feasibility stage)
- Synthesise findings from the three project evaluations to produce an overarching synthesis report. It is expected that the greatest proportion of resources will be allocated to the separate project evaluations, with a relatively light touch synthesis report drawing out findings and lessons across the projects
- Work closely with the delivery suppliers throughout the evaluation, reporting to the steering group for the evaluation project
- Deliver events and/or other activities to share learning and inform delivery during the projects, complementing delivery activities
- Provide high quality outputs in a variety of different formats to inform future policy, practice and evaluation for policy and practitioner audiences in the natural environment, education, and health sectors
- Based on findings from the evaluation, present recommended options for improving the design and delivery of interventions to increase children’s participation in high quality activities in nature, in and out of school
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2019

To: 2023

Cost: £669,456
Contractor / Funded Organisations
National Centre For Social Research
Social Research