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Developing resilience and tolerance of crop resource use efficiency to climate change and air pollution (SUSCAP) - CH0215

The effect of climate change on crop productivity has been extensively studied and found to affect crop growth and yield; similarly, we know that air pollution can cause substantial crop yield losses. Although we understand how these environmental challenges will impact crops individually we know far less about their combined impact. What we do know is that both air pollution and climate change will lead to arable crops being exposed to multiple abiotic stresses which will impact crop productivity and the economics of farming systems across Europe. Empirical data show that these stresses will substantially alter crop resource use efficiency (e.g. for radiation, water and nutrients) and ultimately damage crop productivity. The IPCC [2007, 2014] called for improved modelling approaches to link the non-linear effects of ozone (the air pollutant most likely to cause damage across Europe), climate change, nutrient and water availability on crops to better understand the scale and impact of effects. This project will build on existing initiatives to develop these modelling approaches; and will conduct this research in close dialogue with stakeholders working with our consortium of eight world-leading expert groups skilled in climate change, air quality, crop experiments and crop modelling. This consortium will achieve the following aims to enhance the sustainability and resilience of crops:
1. Develop process based crop modelling to understand how climate change and air pollution in combination will impair resource use efficiency of rainfed wheat in Europe.
2. Apply these models to identify the current and future (2050) magnitude, geographical extent and frequency of particular combinations of pollution and climate stress that will impair crop resource use efficiency.
3. Facilitate farmers, crop breeders and policy makers working together to identify region-specific adaptations to improve future crop resource use efficiency and productivity.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2019

To: 2022

Cost: £59,965
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Stockholm Environment Institute
Arable Farming              
Climate Change              
Sustainable Farming and Food              
Wheat Production