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Evaluation of EMFF and options appraisal for future grants scheme - FX0109

The overarching aims of this research are to: (1) enhance understanding of how effective the implementation of the EMFF grant scheme has been in the UK; (2) assess and understand the benefits and initial impacts of UK EMFF grant scheme; and (3) determine the cost-benefit ratio of key projects delivered to-date through the EMFF grant scheme. This research will support the development of thinking on the UK’s long-term regulatory support for coastal communities, the marine environment, and the blue economy, post EU-Exit. The evaluation will also help inform the development of any future grant schemes considered for the maritime and fisheries sector in the UK.
Evaluation of grant delivery
• To evaluate the EMFF grant application and administration processes.
• To ascertain why applications have been made to the EMFF and whether EMFF grants are meeting the needs of the maritime and fisheries sector.
• To identify enablers and barriers to participation in the EMFF grant funding, including descriptions of any groups or sub-sectors that are being excluded and the reason for their exclusion.
• To identify lessons from the delivery of the EMFF grants that can be applied to future funding schemes for the maritime and fisheries sector. Sub-objectives should include (but not be limited to):
o To identify how equality of access to such schemes may be improved.
o To identify how successful applications to such schemes can be increased.
o To describe any processes that could be implemented to improve fund administration.
Evaluation of grant outcomes and impact
• To identify outcomes and impact of EMFF grants as a whole.
• To determine intended and unintended outcomes and impacts of specific EMFF supported projects, making use of counterfactuals where possible. To include:
o A cost-benefit analysis for each project, including both monetary and non-monetary costs and benefits where appropriate.
o Assessment of experiences of project applicants, recipients, participants and wider beneficiaries, as well as those of fund administrators.
o Benefits and impacts for each project on project applicants, recipients, participants and wider beneficiaries.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : EMFF Evaluation Final Report redacted   (1296k)
• ANX - Annex : EMFF Evaluation Final Report annexes redacted   (1964k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2018

To: 2019

Cost: £113,720
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd (RPA)
Climate Change              
Social Sciences