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Evidence Collection and Synthesis to Determine the Barriers to, and Appetite for, Risk Management Tools by Farmers in England - FD263629

The aim of this project is to provide a greater depth of understanding of the relative importance of different insurance products to farmers, how farmers’ attitudes and actions towards these products are influenced and modified.

Specifically the objectives of this research project are to:
I. Understand and detail why farmers do, and do not use insurance and price mitigation products to identify the extent to which use and attitudes towards these products relates to active decisions to not use such products, or to other reasons such as lack of information.
II. Understand and detail the relative importance of different driving factors affecting the use and uptake of insurance products, to establish the importance of policy, market and social drivers as they affect uptake of insurance products.
III. Understand what the barriers to the use of insurance uptake are, and consequently identify any factors that could potentially overcome these barriers, including how attitudes towards, and uptake of, these products would potentially change in the light of policy or regulatory change, farm income levels, or greater or lower uptake of insurance products by other farmers.
IV. Explain the extent to which the factors identified in i) to iii) above apply equally to all farm types, sizes, business and farmer characteristics.
V. To identify from i) to iv) above the factors that could potentially change behaviour towards, and uptake of, insurance products, in particular to identify potentially modifiable behaviours and outcomes that could be delivered.

Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : FD263629 Final report   (957k)
• ANX - Annex : FD263629. Appendix 2. Statistical tables   (16k)
• ANX - Annex : FD263629. Data recorder. Farmer survey   (122k)
• ANX - Annex : FD263629. Data recorder. Stakeholder research   (133k)
• ANX - Annex : FD263629. Farmer consent form   (46k)
• ANX - Annex : FD263629. Research officer guidance notes. Farmer survey   (17k)
• ANX - Annex : FD263629. Research officer guidance notes. Stakeholder research   (16k)
• ANX - Annex : FD263629. Stakeholder consent form   (46k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2017

To: 2018

Cost: £64,180
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University of Nottingham