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Evidence review on awareness, attitudes and behaviours relating to the environment - BE0139

This project aims to review evidence on awareness, attitudes and behaviours relating to the environment to inform future behaviour change interventions and approaches.

It will assess evidence on environmental attitudes and behaviours, as well as wider attitudes and behaviours that have a significant impact on the environment. The project is intended to help identify priority behaviours that it will be important to change in order to achieve the Government’s long term vision of improving the environment within a generation. The project will identify and improve understanding of key target groups to inform behaviour change interventions, and propose evidence-based approaches and interventions to support and enable an increase in sustainable behaviours over short, medium and long term timescales.

In proposing approaches to influence behaviours, the project will consider the full range of behaviour change interventions, including regulatory, fiscal, and non-regulatory and non-fiscal measures.
- To scope and provide an overview of behaviours that have significant implications for and impacts on the environment, including behaviours that are clearly associated with the environment and wider behaviours that may not be primarily considered as relating to the environment.
- Behaviours to be considered at this stage will need to relate to a range of environmental outcomes and impacts including: clean air and water; sustainable production, consumption and resource use; protection of species and habitats; maintenance and enhancement of countryside, landscapes and urban green space; and people’s use and enjoyment of natural environments. In addition to behaviours directly associated with environmental impacts, consideration should also be given to behaviours that promote engagement with and learning about natural environments
- On the basis of this overview, the project should develop appropriate criteria to identify priority behaviours and broad categories of action, and agree these with Defra. Defra is open to suggestions on the number of broad areas to be included and would welcome suggestions balancing the range of issues to be considered with the depth of evidence that is needed on each
- Once priority behaviours and broad categories of action have been agreed, the project should provide a more detailed evidence review of awareness, attitudes and behaviours in relation to these. This should identify different population subgroups and assess the available evidence on their attitudes, motivations, barriers and enablers for more pro-environmental behaviours
- The project should identify and review relevant evidence on behaviour change strategies and approaches that have been tried in the past by Government or others, recognising that individuals and communities are often constrained in their behaviour change options as a result of the lack of choice on offer, infrastructure, resources, social norms and other factors
- The project should propose future behaviour change approaches and interventions by Government or others to encourage and facilitate sustainable behaviours over short, medium and long term timescales, in order to help achieve the vision to improve the environment within a generation
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2017

To: 2018

Cost: £89,838
Contractor / Funded Organisations
A D Research & Analysis
Social Research