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Support for ITE Wetland Restoration Project (previously BD0203) - BD0207

Wetlands were formerly widespread in England and Wales. Under traditional systems of agricultural management many evolved a high wildlife value, but this has been eroded by
progressive drainage, and in many cases, by conversion to arable land. In the changing economic circumstances of farming, coupled with a marked growth of public interest in the environment, it is now appropriate to consider the restoration of selected wetland habitats on agricultural land.

In 1991 MAFF commissioned a desk study by the Institutes of Terrestrial Ecology (ITE), the ADAS Field Drainage Unit - FDEU (now ADAS soil & Water Research centre SWRC) and the University of Cambridge Department of Land Economy. The study identified a number of areas in which experimental studies would be critical in developing suitable techniques for wetland restoration. In 1992 MAFF commissioned SWRC to provide hydrological, ecological and socio-economic factors that need to be addressed when selecting a possible site for wetland restoration.

This proposal cover the hydrological and soil physical database that SWRC will collect on study sites where water levels have been artificially manipulated. In addition, models on hydrological management of wetlands will be linked to corresponding ecological models and socio-economic assessment techniques to enable policy makers to identify potential restoration areas and establish to socio-economic implications
To provide hydrological and soil physical data in support of experiments involved with the management of wetland sites. To assist in the definition of criteria for the identification of appropriate sites for wetland restoration.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1993

To: 1996

Cost: £116,000
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Environmental Stewardship