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VeGIN: Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network 2018-2023 - CH0112

VeGIN is one of four Genetic Improvement Networks supported by Defra as part of a long-term research platform for the genetic improvement of arable crops and fresh produce. VeGIN started in 2009, with this now its 4th stage.

VeGIN brings together research focused on key vegetable crops (carrot, onion, leafy vegetables and lettuce) and encourages collaborations between industry and researchers to address how genetic improvement of crop varieties can contribute to a sustainable increase in food production to meet the twin challenges of food security and climate change. VeGIN is developing genetic resources and tools to accelerate breeding for improved, sustainable marketable yield in field vegetables, including research on pest and disease resistance, and resilience to abiotic stresses.
1. Continue to build and sustain a stakeholder network for UK vegetable crops (brassica, lettuce, onion and carrot)

2. Attract additional funding (UK, EU and world-wide) to maximise opportunities for UK vegetable crop improvement.

3. Maintain and improve existing experimental populations and diversity sets of carrot, onion, brassica and lettuce.

4. Where necessary, produce new mapping populations for important commercial traits (i.e. disease resistance, yield, crop establishment and rooting traits).

5. Employ new technologies to analyse existing germplasm and develop new molecular markers for traits predicted to expand these crops’ market potential, thereby ensuring the UK’s uptake of modern breeding methods, including those based on transcriptome and next generation genome sequencing techniques

6. Develop and carry out field and glasshouse trials of selected lines to facilitate the incorporation of beneficial genes into breeding programmes.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2018

To: 2023

Cost: £1,254,410
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University of Warwick
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Plant Genetic Resources              
Plant Pests and Diseases              
Plant Varieties and Seeds              
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