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PCGIN: Pulse Crop Genetic Improvement Network 2018-2023 - CH0111

PCGIN is one of four Genetic Improvement Networks supported by Defra as part of a long-term research platform for the genetic improvement of arable crops and fresh produce. PCGIN started in 2005, with this now its 4th stage.

PCGIN serves as the platform for the genetic improvement of UK pulse crops (pea and faba bean). It has developed an ever-growing, strong stakeholder base engaged in translating research discoveries and improving the competitiveness of the pulse industry. The increasing relevance of PCGIN research to improving agriculture (improving soils), human nutrition and health (provision of high-quality protein, starch and micronutrients) and the environment (saving on fossil fuels, N pollution and chemical use) is driving higher-level engagement with science.
Work Package 1: A platform that supports UK pulse crop improvement
WP1.1: Maintain & develop the platform which supports the PCGIN network & knowledge dissemination
WP1.2: Disseminate via newsletter, scientific articles and conferences the results of scientific research and their relevance to the pulse industry

Work Package 2: Genetic knowledge and resources for plant and seed traits in pea and faba bean, including components of yield, major disease and seed quality traits
WP2.1: Utilise the PCGIN recombinant inbred pea lines to identify genetic markers indicative of principal yieldcomponents
WP2.2: Develop gene-specific marker data for durable downy mildew (DM) resistance in pea and faba bean
WP2.3: Developing resistance to Ascochyta fabae and Botrytis fabae in faba bean
WP2.4: Exploring potential for root rot resistance and generating pre-breeding material for industry
WP2.5: Generating novel beneficial variants for seed composition to meet market demand

Work Package 3: Develop toolkits for UK legume crop breeding programmes
WP3.1: Provide novel genetic tools, resources and assays for pea and faba bean to breeders
WP3.2: Provide access to germplasm, including both natural and induced variants
WP3.3: Provide enhanced genetic maps and marker information for research and breeding programmes

Work Package 4: Maximise opportunities for UK legume crop improvement through UK and European collaborations
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2018

To: 2023

Cost: £1,287,712
Contractor / Funded Organisations
John Innes Centre (BBSRC)
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