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Source apportionment of nickel source in Sheffield - AQ0740

A monitoring campaign will be undertaken to acquire high time resolution XRF monitoring data from the Sheffield Tinsley monitoring and source apportionment techniques will be utilised to establish key source contributions to concentrations of Ni and associated metals. This source apportionment will enable greater understanding of Ni sources, relative to industrial processes undertaken at numerous industrial locations in the vicinity of the monitoring site.
- The trailer will be located close to the Sheffield Tinsley site for 8 weeks.
- Measurements will be made using the XRF instrument (23 elements including key tracers of steel manufacture and processing)
- Measurements of particle size will be made using SMPS and APS (15nm – 20um) so that high temperature and abrasion sources can be distinguished.
- Measurements of black carbon will be made using an aethalometer will be made to assess local traffic sources.
- A draft report will be issued 3 months after the completion of the measurement campaign to allow for instrument calibration as well as the analysis and interpretation of results.
- This report will contain a full description of the measurements made with respect to the local sources and meteorology as well as positive matric factorisation of the XRF measurements to provide a source attribution of the measured nickel concentrations.
- A final report and presentation of results will be made to the Defra after feedback has been received.
- Data and reports will become the property of Defra, supplied in a format complaint with the Inspire Directive and able to be made publically available.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2016

To: 2017

Cost: £42,240
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Kings College London
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