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Ecosystems Knowledge Exchange Network, building and expanding the network in partnership to encourage an ecosystems approach accross the UK, and deliver on the Natural Enviornment White Paper commitments - BE0103

An array of local initiatives throughout the UK are showing what the twelve principles of the ecosystem approach mean in relation to how society should look after land and water. Since its launch in 2012, the Ecosystems Knowledge Network (EKN) has provided a unique opportunity for these initiatives to share learning between them and with others. The proposed project will continue this work throughout the UK, ensuring that Government has opportunity to learn how it can continue to play its part in embedding the ecosystem approach. The Network will support government-supported initiatives such as Local Nature Partnerships and many other pilot and case study projects operated by public agencies throughout the UK. It will also continue to engage professions and sectors for whom the natural environment is not their primary concern. The aim of this activity is that these communities of interest will play a greater part in activity that applies the ecosystem approach. This is an ambition that is clearly stated in HM Government’s 2011 Natural Environment White Paper, and reflected in the UK National Ecosystem Assessment.
The project involves the development of research elements within the Network that will benefit the public, private, academic and charity sectors. The Network delivery team will produce advice and analytical reports geared to supporting Defra's ongoing evidence needs and policy objectives, while at the same time being of wider public benefit. The work includes a review of activities related to securing the value of nature outside the traditional environmental community of interest and annual reports on progress with the local and landscape-scale application of the ecosystem approach. Information and reports on specific tools that secure the value of nature, such as payments for ecosystem services, will be provided. The research will be based on the following knowledge exchange activities:
- continued development of the existing web-based public information resource to inform and highlight the work of local and landscape scale initiatives. This is estimated to grow at 20% per year in the number of pages and in the number of unique visitors. An on-line map of these initiatives will be created, enabling the key features of local and landscape-scale initiatives (with respect to the ecosystem approach) to be assessed.
- regular communications and events with the Network’s growing membership throughout the UK (currently 1,500). This will include analysis of the interests, activities, capacities and needs of members. The events will include at least four webinars, an Annual Project Forum (focused on elements of good practice among local projects) and workshops on specific topics relevant to the current policy objectives and, more broadly, the ecosystem approach
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : BE0103 D10 Final Report   (306k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2015

To: 2016

Cost: £100,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Ecosystems Knowledge Network
Natural Environment - Ecosystem services