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Research Fellowship Providing Evidence and Analysis to Inform Policy Development on Key Elements of Biosecurity - Animal and Plant Health. - SD0511

> The purpose of this is to develop a biosecurity analysis and evidence hub that supports Defra's Animal and Plant Health Evidence and Analysis (APHEA) Team. For the purposes of this, biosecurity is defined as covering animal and plant health disease and pest risk.

> The work will number of key questions requiring a multi-disciplinary response include: (i) how can we best use limited funds to protect and enhance biosecurity; (ii) where can we develop monetary and non-monetary values to inform Value for Money (VfM) of policy decisions; (iii) what data and other information requirements will we need to perform robust analyses; and (iv) how should we implement an evaluation framework to improve future policies. Economic, social research and modelling/data expertise is anticipated.
o To undertake analysis in relation to biosecurity within the animal and plant health policy areas
o To develop close working relations with academia within these areas
o To provide reports to the department
o To deliver a series of presentations
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2014

To: 2015

Cost: £103,712
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Cardiff University, University of Plymouth, Christina Siettou
Plants and Animals