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Sediment Profile Imagery for Seabed integrity Assessments (SPI-smart) - ME5314

The primary aim of this project will be to assist and optimise the cost and efficiency of benthic monitoring in relation to seabed integrity (D6). This project proposes two phases: i) the first phase will look at the existing SPI information in relation to other data sets and pressure layers to delineate the current pressures and areas where there is a high risk associated with co-location of activities and/or persistent activities that could affect the integrity of benthic systems; and ii) development of an SPI metric and data filling exercise for validation and testing.
a) To collate existing SPI available information collected from R&D, monitoring and industry across a series of pressures and areas.
b) To examine the available SPI images alongside available sediment (EUNIS classification) and pressure data layers (e.g. VMS data, dredging intensity, disposal quantities etc.) to determine benthic state and change.
c) To develop a SPI metric to support seabed integrity assessments across different areas.
d) To validate and test the SPI metric across different areas covering different characteristics and pressures.
e) To optimize the cost and efficiency of seafloor systems surveys and to provide recommendations for MSFD monitoring to achieve GES.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2013

To: 2016

Cost: £114,924
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Marine Life