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National Pollinator Strategy - support for workshop - PH0516

This project will design, and assist Defra in delivering, the expert/stakeholder workshop as part of the process for developing the National Pollinator Strategy announced by Lord de Mauley. The outputs will contribute to the wider review of evidence and policy actions being undertaken on pollinators to safeguard provision of pollination services to the UK economy, biodiversity and wider aesthetic and cultural values.
1. Elicit critical comment from workshop participants on the outputs from the review.
2. Agree the desirable status for pollinators based on a number of measures up to 2025.
3. Identify all current and new measures that could contribute to reaching the desired status identified at 2.
4. Seek consensus on the package of measures that would be sufficient to give some confidence in being able to reach all targets identified at 2.
5. Agree a programme of monitoring that, over time, would demonstrate that the measures put in place are contributing to reaching the desired outcomes.
6. Synthesise 1-5 above into a format that can feed into the development of the National Pollinator Strategy.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2013

To: 2013

Cost: £7,887
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Fields of Study
Plant Health