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Evaluation of Economic and Social Return of RDPE Axis 1 & 3 investment - RE0269

This project aims to provide robust nationally representative estimates on the economic and social return on investment of different RDPE Axis 1 & 3 Measures through a survey of beneficiaries.
This project aims to meet the following key objectives:
1) To better estimate the impact of the activities that the RDPE Axes 1 and 3 has funded and their value for money. What are the economic benefits of RDPE Axes 1 and 3 for the rural economy? What wider social and environmental benefits has it produced?
2) To improve our evidence of which type of Measures offer higher or lower returns on investment, including levels of deadweight and displacement.
3) To provide an assessment of achievement against RDPE Axis 1 and 3 output, result and impact indicators at Axis and Measure level. To include an assessment of levels of Gross Value Added (GVA) for supported (forestry, agricultural and non-agricultural) businesses and net and gross jobs and businesses created or safeguarded. To also include an assessment against proposed EU level new indicators for the 2014-2020 to provide a benchmark against which to assess delivery.
4) To provide representative statistics on the costs to beneficiaries in applying for and implementing RDPE funding. This will include an assessment of unit costs for Axis 1 and 3 activities supported, at both measure level and type of projects supported.
5) To better understand the characteristics of RDPE funding recipients and provide analysis of where funding has the highest economic impact, for example in relation to jobs and rural business growth. This will inform decisions on how best to target recipients, industry and sectors through the next programme and choices about prioritisation of spend in the next programme.
6) To provide an assessment of the approach and targeting of three of the RDPE’s “schemes”: the Skills and Knowledge Transfer Framework, Farming and Forestry Improvement Service and Rural Economic Grant, and of the approach to support for the forestry sector through Axis 1 England Woodland Grant Scheme activity, in comparison to previous regional approaches and other support available outside of the Rural Development Programme for England.
7) To look at the potential opportunities for additional support for cooperation, innovation and other models of investment to be offered in the 2014-2020 period.
8) To help support benchmark output, result and RDP programme indicators for the 2014-2020 period, including providing a view on indicators that could support an assessment of future delivery.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : Evaluation of Axis 1 Axis 3 RDPE, Final Report - 4 June   (3053k)
• ANX - Annex : Appendix A - Techncial Appendix   (3590k)
• ANX - Annex : Appendix B -Study Issues Paper   (255k)
• ANX - Annex : Appendix C - Business Survey Analysis   (1041k)
• ANX - Annex : Appendix D - Training Survey Analysis   (473k)
• ANX - Annex : Appendix E - Case Studies   (7159k)
• ANX - Annex : Appendix F - Economic Impact Assessment   (1772k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2013

To: 2015

Cost: £228,900
Contractor / Funded Organisations
CAP Reform              
Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)              
Economic Policy Evaluation              
European Union (EU)              
Rural Development              
Fields of Study
Rural Affairs