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Strategic Environmental Assessment of the new Rural Development Programme - RE0267

The overall purpose of the contract is to develop the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the new England Rural Development Programme. It is intended to improve the programming quality and to ensure that the environmental implications of the Programme are fully taken into account. SEAs are needed where plans have a strong land-use planning component and where it is possible to clearly identify the environmental resources involved and potential impacts.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive (2001/42/EC) requires Member States to assess the effects of certain plans and programmes on the environment. Article 48(4) of the EU Common Provisions Regulation which covers Rural Development states that the Rural Development programme’s ex ante evaluation “shall incorporate, where appropriate, the requirements for the Strategic Environmental Assessment". In the case of the Rural Development Programme, an SEA is mandatory as the Programme will relate to agriculture and forestry.
1. To set out a clear framework and scope for implementation of the SEA, including identification of the key authorities to be consulted and involved in the review of the SEA, the level of information required and what alternatives and options should be considered.

2. To prepare a draft and final Environmental Report, ready for consultation, which identifies the likely significant effects on the environment (and their interrelationships) of the proposed Rural Development Programme and any reasonable alternatives taking into account the objectives and the geographical scope of the programme.

3. To set out an effective consultation timetable and process on the basis of UK legislation transposing the SEA Directive. This means ensuring that the consultation engages the relevant authorities, bodies and individuals who are affected or likely to be affected by, or have an interest in, the new programme, including relevant non-governmental organisations, such as those promoting environmental protection and other organizations concerned.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2013

To: 2014

Cost: £47,170
Contractor / Funded Organisations
URS Infrastructure and Environment UK, Ltd
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Fields of Study
Rural Affairs