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Investigating the impact of proposed CAP reforms proposals on farmers’ behaviours (part 2) - DO0137

A research study to examine the likely impacts of proposed Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reforms on farmers’ behaviour. The research supports Defra’s planning for implementation of the new CAP reform.
The research consisted of two stages. The first was a deliberative workshop with farming industry stakeholders and officials at Defra. The workshop identified the key parts of emerging CAP proposals likely to impact the farming community. This set the agenda for stage two of the research, in-depth consultative research with farmers and land agents and farming advisers, collecting detailed information about the likely impact of the different options available in the CAP reforms on their businesses and their farming behaviour.
The research has explored the following research questions:
1. Which aspects of the CAP Reform are likely to have the most impact on farm structures, farm business and farmer behaviour? Which should be the priority for investigating with those directly affected?
2. What awareness do research participants have of key aspects of CAP Reforms that are likely to impact their business or farming behaviour?
3. What impacts do research participants think CAP Reforms will have on the way that farm tenure is held?
4. What impacts do research participants think CAP Reforms will have on farm businesses (financial implications)?
5. How will the farming behaviour of research participants be changed by CAP Reforms?
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : CAP and farmer behaviour FINAL   (1097k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2013

To: 2013

Cost: £39,643
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Behaviour change              
Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)              
Farm Management              
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