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Animal Welfare Social Research Fellowship - DO0130

This project seeks to develop social research in the area of Animal Welfare and assist in the delivery of national and European-led policies. It will be a key step towards a comprehensive understanding of the social science issues to consider within the development of animal welfare policy and the appraisal and meeting of evidence gaps towards which future research could be developed to deliver policy relevant evidence.

The project will work in partnership with Defra (Animal Welfare specialists) in order to build a strong social science component and support the delivery of high-profile Defra-funded research on Animal Welfare. The project will provide high-level strategic inputs and analysis (including, where appropriate, specific scoping and evaluation activities) and will provide quality assurance on research projects in partnership with Defra and others. Working directly in Defra offices, the project seeks to provide a broader knowledge-transfer role (drawing in academic evidence) and contribute to capacity development where wider social science approaches and insights are shared with Defra and others. The project will bring academic knowledge and experience, will provide a direct research input into Defra strategies with respect to key cross-cutting and specific policy questions, as well as highlighting where and what further social science evidence could be developed and used.

Additionally, the project will provide an overview of the work undertaken by the full time fellow and will work closely with Defra officials in understanding the strategic policy direction The project will provide scoping input to the work undertaken by the full time fellowship, will direct research into high priority areas, especially developing a coherent picture of what the current research indicates for policy teams with a particular emphasis on improving the efficiency, effectiveness and accessibility of the animal welfare research programme. Finally, the project will identify future research questions to set out an evidence base focussed on implementation and delivery of improved welfare outcomes by animal keepers and other key players (including those in the food chain)
> Build a robust social science element into the Animal Welfare policy area and provide high quality analysis on specific issues
> Identify major evidence gaps/priorities and provide recommendations on using existing evidence or requirements for new primary or secondary research and analysis
> Knowledge sharing: a two-way knowledge-sharing and exchange between the research fellow and policy staff.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2013

Cost: £12,396
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University of Exeter
Social Research