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Natural Capital City Model (formerly know as Ecosystem City Model – Birmingham) - WC0814

* To test an ecosystem city model, utilising a CEB took, (WBCSD) and the evidence base from the GI Strategy and ecosystem services evaluation of the city.
* Matching the needs of the city to the delivery of GI/ecosystem solutions via private investment (PES) or synergistic public-private partnerships.
* To lock the Nature Improvement Area objectives into the long-term growth plans for the city (and to extend to the LEP) through retrofit/restoration.
* In future, land in Birmingham will be used fro social, economic development in a way that recognises, protects and enhances the value of the natural environment.

* The Ecosystem City Model be tested as a future approach for greening the City's economy.

* The Ecosystem City Model be tested as a future model for funding ecosystem restoration on a city scale, and beyond; mainstreaming the NIA objectives.

* The Green Infrastructure Strategy & BUCCANEER Project has identified the combined environmental, social and economic challenges facing the city; this project will align private sector businesses with delivering a selection of these challenges; it will provide the rationale as to why business should invest in the environment/ecosystem restoration.

* For the participating companies it will illustrate where in the city and why this future investment should be targeted.

* Putting Natural Capital at the heart of future economic growth and decision-making in Birmingham.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2013

Cost: £30,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Birmingham City Council.
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