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Revision for publication of Adaptive Capacity Report for the 2012 Climate Change Risk Assessment - CA0506

An analysis of the UK’s adaptive capacity was carried out during the Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) Project. This project (which was completed in January 2012) assessed the capacity of the UK to respond to climate risks such as those identified during the CCRA. The higher this ‘adaptive capacity’ is, the lower the risk to UK society, to the economy and to biodiversity, etc, and vice versa.

Assessing it not only allows risks to be more accurately assessed but – by identifying points of strength and of weakness – helps policy makers to identify whether interventions are needed and where they might best be targeted. Since adaptive capacity is a scarce resource, even in an advanced society such as the UK, identifying and targeting improvements in this way is an essential part of improving climate resilience.
The objectives are as discussed above and including delivery of a standalone report of a standard appropriate for publication, which adequately addresses comments from peer reviewers and OGDs.

That is, to present the findings of the analysis:

(a) in a form that can easily be understood by policymakers while also
(b) taking on board (or where appropriate responding to) the comments made by peer reviewers and comments from OGDs
(c) Including providing conclusions and recommendations as part of the report and
(d) revising the Executive summary, and also
(e) Further dissemination of the findings of the analysis through discussion with policymakers in Defra and other Government Departments and with those working on the ECR project to ensure outputs are utilized in policy development where appropriate."
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : Adaptive Capacity - CA0506 - Final Report   (2240k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2012

Cost: £37,500
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Alexander Ballard Ltd
Adapting to Climate Change