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Student studies on fish & crustacea diseases - FC1206

The purpose of this proposal is to extend the current project (F1172) to continue to:
- Provide a vehicle for "sandwich" students to undertake 1 year discrete projects.
- Provide students with a good grounding in front line science.
- Enhance Defra/Cefas links with Universities.
- Demonstrate Defra/Cefas' commitment to developing the public understanding of science.
Such projects have proved to be extremely important because they continue to provide a means to undertake relatively short, discrete, work which:
- Link into, and be at the forefront of, larger areas of research and be of direct relevance to FC funded projects.
- Facilitates method development and the exploration of new ideas.
- Provides flexibility to react and respond to specific issues in a relatively short period of time and can act as a cost effective “pump priming” mechanism for Defra and CEFAS.
- Do not require significant staff input.

The continuation of annual student projects (4 per year) has previously been supported by the Quinquennial Science Audit of the Centre of Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science - 17-18 October 2005 - Science Audit Report.
Earlier similar projects (FC1134, FC1135) were initially developed with the Universities of Surrey and Aston. FC1172 continued the links with the University of Surrey but diversified to include students from the Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Cardiff, Hull and Exeter. F1172 received extremely positive feedback in the Quinquennial Science Audit of the Centre of Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (17-18 October 2005) Science Audit Report and has been recognised as provided an extremely valuable vehicle for providing studentships.

Project titles would be agreed annually, and in advance, with Defra and then the projects would be advertised at selected universities – this, to best match the Universities with the agreed project subject titles. All applicants for the studentships would be formally interviewed with the aim of selecting the best students for the studentships. This process has worked particularly well throughout the project life.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2018

Cost: £266,559
Contractor / Funded Organisations