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Evaluation of the Biodiversity Offsetting pilot phase - WC1051

This project aims to evaluate the application of offsetting in the voluntary pilot areas and complementary projects encouraged by Defra to assess the extent to which the biodiversity offsetting pilots:-
A: Help to use resources more effectively to deliver greater benefits for biodiversity.
B: Streamline the process of agreeing compensation for biodiversity loss as required by planning policy, in a cost effective way.

In the Natural Environment White Paper the Government announced that it would establish a new voluntary approach to offsetting and test this in a number of pilot areas. This project is the evaluation of those pilot areas that will test and document the practicalities and whether offsetting delivered the anticipated benefits. Biodiversity offsets are conservation activities designed to deliver biodiversity benefits as compensation for losses due to development in a measurable way and also to enable economic growth. Outputs include working with the pilots in workshops to gather knowledge and allow them to share their experiences, a scientific report providing the method and results of the evaluation and identifying further evidence gaps. This will contribute to the body of evidence being gathered about offsetting to inform policy development, which includes several reports reflecting on previous planning cases and what might have occurred if offsetting had been applied, and several economic assessments of markets and policies of offsetting in other countries.
The aim of the pilots is to develop a body of information and evidence that the Government can use to decide whether to support greater use of biodiversity offsetting, and if so, how to use it most effectively.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : WC1051 Volume 1 Final Report   (1881k)
• OTH - Other : Appendix 1 Complementary Projects   (150k)
• OTH - Other : Appendix 2 Evaluation Questions   (278k)
• OTH - Other : Appendix 3 Summary of Evidence   (126k)
• OTH - Other : Appendix 4 Review of LPA Development Plans Policies   (779k)
• OTH - Other : Appendix 5 Costs of Offsets   (98k)
• OTH - Other : Appendix 6 Roles and Responsibilties   (64k)
• OTH - Other : Volume 2 (Annex) Pilot Reports   (2640k)
• OTH - Other : WC1051 - Summary Evaluation of the Biodiversity Offsetting Pilot Interim Report   (38k)
• SUP - Supplementary Report : Biodiversity Offsetting report from Germany Dec 2014   (917k)
• SUP - Supplementary Report : WC1051 Task 4 Report FINAL   (1755k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2014

Cost: £239,733
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Collingwood Environmental Planning