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Evidence to support choosing the appropriate level of ambition for waste reduction - EV1004

Defra is preparing the Waste Prevention Plan for England as required under the revised Waste Framework Directive. As part of this work, Environmental Resources Management (ERM) was commissioned to provide support to Defra analysis and policy teams in the development of a policy tool for the economic analysis of measures and actions aimed at delivering increased waste prevention, including re-use and preparation for re-use, of priority waste streams.

An initial assessment of selected waste prevention and preparation for re-use measures for six priority waste streams as identified by Defra:
• Textiles (clothing and non-clothing textiles);
• Construction;
• Food waste;
• Furniture;
• Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE); and
• Paper & board.
The tool, the Waste Prevention MACC creator tool, is intended for use by Defra policy makers to inform the development of the waste prevention plan.

As such, the aim of the MACC creator tool is to provide an indication of:
• the total waste prevention potential for England, and per each priority waste stream;
• the financial and economic costs and benefits associated with different measures;
• where these costs and benefits fall (eg private sector, public sector, household, civil society etc); and
• which measures have the greatest net benefit (or lowest net cost) per tonne of waste or CO2 equivalent (CO2e) saved, and are therefore most worthy of further consideration.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : Final Main MACC Report   (1121k)
• ANX - Annex : MACC Annex A   (436k)
• ANX - Annex : MACC Annex B   (327k)
• ANX - Annex : MACC Annex C   (590k)
• ANX - Annex : MACC Annex D   (590k)
• ANX - Annex : MACC Annex E   (530k)
• ANX - Annex : MACC Annex F   (561k)
• ANX - Annex : MACC Annex G   (549k)
• ANX - Annex : MACC Annex H   (675k)
• ANX - Annex : MACC Annex I   (299k)
• EXE - Executive Summary : Final MACC Executive Summary   (363k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2011

To: 2012

Cost: £124,070
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Environmental Resources Management (ERM)