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Development Of A Cost Effective And Timely Method Of Capturing Information And Advice From Historic Environment Records To Inform Delivery Of HLS (‘shine into HLS’) - BD5305

The SHINE (Selected Heritage Inventory for Natural England) project was established to provide fit-for-purpose information for Entry Level Stewardship (ELS), drawn together from the Local Authority Historic Environment Records (HERs) and English Heritage. This was achieved with a clear data standard, a flexible methodology that recognized the different contexts of the various data providers, and a central web-based repository and toolkit for managing and accessing the SHINE dataset, and from where it can be imported to Genesis.
Since this infrastructure was implemented, the wider potential of the SHINE dataset has become more apparent as the veracity and extent of the information has improved. During 2010-11 Natural England has been considering ways to streamline the Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) processes. The HLS application process includes a HER Consultation, which has consistently been identified as a necessary but problematic element in relation to time taken and, in some cases, consistency of advice. Equally, Local Authority Historic Environment Record services have found the consultation requirements, both in terms of data entry into a proforma and map generation, time consuming and repetitive; and as HER staffing and resources are under increasing pressure, this has become more problematic.
This project aims to develop SHINE to provide a more efficient system, enabling Local Authority Historic Environment Records services and EH to attach management advice to designated and undesignated historic environment features for the purposes of informing HLS applications and agreements, creating and managing this information as a collective national resource to promote re-use and consistency.
1. Research and formulate proposals for the methodologies and tools that will enable Local Authority Historic Environment Record services (“HER”s) and EH to rapidly and consistently complete HLS consultation responses which provide NE, applicants and their agents with
i. Mapped information showing the location and extent of manageable features on the holding that must be retained/protected/managed for the duration of the agreement
ii. Advice appended to each feature and to component parts of features, including Management Recommendations; Priority for action and Notes.
2. Establish a new SHINE web site and secure central repository; this will be the data store, focus and delivery point for SHINE and related data and services for at least five years.
3. Migrate the existing SHINE web toolkit into the new CMS-based web site, and make any changes to the tools that may be required for SHINE HLS Advice.
4. Develop protocols and tools for the addition of management and priority advice to SHINE polygons and designated assets.
5. Develop a toolkit for FEP consultations, to be operable by Local Authority Historic Environment Record services, EH, NE and Feppers, including the use of holdings data (or a subset of this information) to allow Local Authority Historic Environment Record services and EH to search their datasets.
6. Develop a mechanism for NE to download SHINE and HLS Advice.
7. Develop facilities for NE to upload feedback data to Local Authority Historic Environment Record services, concerning the uptake of options and condition information generated by the FEP process, and for the Local Authority Historic Environment Record services to download and view this feedback.
8. Test all methodologies and tools with representatives of the user community.
9. Finalise the methodology and toolkits, and help to promote and embed the new processes.
10. Provision of hosting and support for the web site and tools for 5 years.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2011

To: 2012

Cost: £49,748
Contractor / Funded Organisations
exeGesIS SDM Ltd
Historic Environment              
Rural Development Regulation (RDR)