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External peer review for review of Impact Assessment (IA) and supporting draft materials - MB5101

Peer review of the Impact Assessment (IA) for Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs). The Marine and Coastal Access Act specifies that ‘in considering whether it is desirable to designate an area as an MCZ, the appropriate authority may have regard to any economic or social consequences of doing so’. The IA will assess the socio-economic costs of proposed MCZ sites. This information will be used in assessment of whether the proposed MCZs should be established. It is therefore important that the Impact Assessment is thoroughly peer reviewed, particularly as Natural England is producing the impact assessment for Defra. The impact assessment will include as an annex an assessment of the costs and benefits for each proposed MCZ site, of which there will be c. 150, which mean that extra resource will be required to peer review. These site specific costs and benefits will be used to assess which sites are put up for consultation.
To ensure along with Defra economists that the methodology for assessing the costs and benefits of MCZs is correctly applied to calculate costs and benefits for the proposed MCZ sites
To review other aspects of the Impact Assessment including the costs and benefits of the cumulative impacts of the network of potential MCZs
To ensure that peer review comments are adequately incorporated in the IA document
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2011

To: 2011

Cost: £31,400
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Kerry Turner, University of Stirling, Edward Lockhart-Mummery
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Marine conservation