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Updating the UK and England Indicators of timing of events in Spring - WC1007

The project will support the development of the UK Biodiversity Indicators in the light the new goals and targets agreed under the Convention on Biological Diversity in Nagoya 2010. The project will involve a review of available data sources for indicators on priority species status, ecosystem service delivery, climate impacts and adaptation and mainstreaming of biodiversity value into other sectors of decision making and economic activity. It will develop and evaluate options for the production of UK-wide indicators, seek feedback from technical experts and provide final data and accompanying descriptions for each agreed option.

To help develop and present costed options for the provision of new indicators in the following topics:
a. Status of priority species [and habitats] and other protected species, to either refine or replace the existing indicators based on BAP reporting rounds and reflect progress with restoration and re-creation.
b. Biodiversity and ecosystem services. Trends in species groups/habitats explicitly linked to specific ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, pollination and recreation/enjoyment.
c. Climate impacts and adaptation.
d. Global biodiversity impacts of UK economic activity.
e. Awareness, understanding and support for biodiversity conservation.
f. Mainstreaming of biodiversity value into other sectors of economic activity.
g. Genetic diversity in farmed domesticated animals, and in agricultural / horticultural crops.

Each option should be accompanied by an assessment of data quality, data availability and ease of communication.

2. To provide advice on potential data sources for widening the scope or providing alternative options for:
a. Widespread species and habitats (to address concerns raised at the forum that this is too narrow in scope and should, if possible, reflect changes in soil, freshwater and marine environments)
b. Habitat connectivity

3. To document feedback from UK experts

4. To provide final data, text and advice on assessment and future updating for the agreed options for each indicator topic.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2011

To: 2011

Cost: £1,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
The Woodland Trust