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Research to identify key drivers for customer satisfaction across the Defra Network - CI0103

Defra is keen to be able to improve its services to better meet the needs of customers. In order to support this, a need to develop ‘a deeper understanding of Defra’s wider range of customers – not just its ‘traditional’ customers such as farmers and land managers, but also different business sectors, and citizens in general’ has been identified. Effective engagement with citizens, businesses, other government and public bodies and land managers is considered a crucial part of reaching this understanding.

Defra has a network of organisations which deliver services to the customer known as ‘the Defra Delivery Network’. By establishing what is important to customers and by gaining a greater clarity of the key drivers of customer satisfaction, Defra will be able to tailor the services provided across the Network to meet the needs of its customers. Outcomes of this research work would also feed into an ongoing analysis of customer satisfaction surveys of the services provided by the Defra Delivery Network and, potentially, seek to establish common and consistent drivers for all Delivery Bodies.
The research will explore customer attitudes to Defra and its Network of Delivery Bodies based on their experiences in order to identify the key attributes of Defra’s communication and delivery that contribute to customer satisfaction
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2010

To: 2010

Cost: £61,660
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Brook Lyndhurst
Behaviour change              
Social Research              
Fields of Study
Climate Change Adaptation
Delivery Transformation Programme