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Pesticide user habits survey 2010 - PS2804

Pesticides are widely used in homes and gardens, with the total quantity of plant protection products used by the public representing about 16% of the total amount used in the UK. Agricultural, horticultural and amenity use makes up the other 84%. In general products supplied for agricultural and horticultural, amenity and forestry can only be applied by those holding relevant professional qualifications and which have undergone approriate training. There are no such restrictions on the use of garden and household products. Therefore whilst the products licensed for domestic use are lower risk than professional products, their use by large numbers of untrained individuals raises potential health and safety and environmental concerns.

The Chemicals Regulation Directorate (previously the Pesticide Safety Directorate) is working with other stakeholders through the Amateur Use Action Plan Implementation Group (AUAPIG) to encourage best practice in use and storage, and to ensure the safe disposal of unused products and empty containers. In 2007, the Chemical Regulation Directorate contracted Resource Futures to conduct research into the extent of potentially unsafe or environmentally damaging pesticide user habits, to support the ongoing work of the AUAPIG, in particular the development of communications resources and indicators.

The research in 2007 was undertaken by Resource Futures through a survey of domestic gardeners at six garden centre locations around the UK. The survey included respondents’ attitudes to gardening, their age bracket; type and number of pesticides purchased; main location(s) of purchases; reading of instructions and other channels through which information on pesticide use is accessed; type of product used; method of application; location and duration of storage; disposal of pesticide containers and pesticides.

The pesticide user habits survey 2010 will repeat the 2007 survey using the same questionnaire and the same or similar garden centre locations. The previous work was conducted during May 2007; therefore surveys will be completed during May 2010. Following completion of the market research phase of the project, Resource Futures will analyse the results and compare them with the findings in 2007, highlighting any conclusions in a report to the Chemical Regulation Directorate.
1. Development of a questionnaire in consultation with members of the Amateur Action Plan Implementation Group.
2. Implementation of the survey in six garden centre locations in the UK.
3. Analysis and reporting of findings.

Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : Pesticide user habits survey 2010   (1388k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2010

To: 2010

Cost: £15,635
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Resources Futures
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Pesticide Safety