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Recyclates: quality, markets, content and barriers – Summary analysis of research to date - WR1211

Recycling, and the consequent use of recycled material for new products, are considered to be very important for the diversion of waste from landfills, and thus for meeting the nation’s commitment to the Landfill Directive, but also for the general resource efficiency agenda. It is therefore important that Defra remains informed about the issues surrounding recyclates so that any problems can be identified and decisions are taken to rectify them. Some key questions are currently in need of answers including:
• whether the quality of materials from different collection schemes varies, to what extent and how this affects their reprocessing;
• what are the technological barriers to using recycled content for new products;
• what is the future demand for recyclates in the UK and whether the government should act to stimulate the market;
It is possible that these questions have been answered, at least in part, by research commissioned elsewhere in the UK and/or internationally. This short piece of work aims to identify such research and reveal any gaps.
The deliverables of this project are:
• Literature review in a searchable format.
• Final report with synthesis, gap analysis and conclusions for further research needs and any policy implications.
• Establish a matrix of criteria to allow a comparison of research outcomes to be completed.

• Provide a literature review that meets the selection criteria implied by the matrix (above).

• Provide a short summary of each research study in less than 200 words.

• Provide a summary gap analysis, conclusions and list of potential further research.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : WR1211 final report July 2011   (1965k)
• EXE - Executive Summary : WR1211 exec summary   (284k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2010

To: 2011

Cost: £37,464
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Oakdene Hollins Ltd
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Waste Management              
Fields of Study
Waste Management